Safeguarding Consultancy

Protecting Children & Vulnerable Adults in organisations and entities

  • Provide Strategic Governance Advice and Guidance to Boards and Executive teams
  • Review Safeguarding compliance
  • Assist with installing remediation strategies
  • Develop or improve bespoke policy, procedure, risk management, and organisational reporting
  • Provide training:
      • Introduction to critical roles and responsibilities of Directors & Executive leadership teams
      • How to shift ‘Culture’ to embed safety at every level
      • How to achieve Safeguarding legislative and regulatory compliance
      • Monitor implementation, compliance and continuous improvement
      • Assist with Compliant handling

Public Speaking

Hetty Johnston

Keynote Speaker

  • Child protection for 25 years …… what’s next?
  • How to succeed in your career, vision, and aspirations (see it to believe it) Plan, plan, plan……
  • How to create a holistic Strategic Plan and drive the delivery of your vision
  • Team building – how to bring everyone on board in your journey to success

Media Commentor & Advocate

Safeguarding Providers

When you have Ansvar insurance, it is more than your standard market cover. With it comes over 60 years of commitment and experience in supporting organisations that specialise in providing services to communities.

We bring a deep understanding of the risks and the challenges you face and the complexity of the environment in which you operate.

Our insurance offering is backed by specialist risk management services – provided by industry experts, tailored to the sectors we cover and designed to support good governance, prevent harms and to help your organisation to thrive.

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